My name is Liliana and I'm a Front-End Web Developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

My curiosity for code began back in the GeoCity glory days, where I first began tinkering with html and banging out some low-fi giftastic table websites while teaching myself the basics.

Sadly, at that time, the extent of our IT classes at the all-girl's high school I attended was 'How to format letters in Word'. That, combined with parents who didn't approve of their teenage daughter 'spending so much time at a computer' meant that my dreams of creating cool stuff on the internet were put on hold.

Instead, I ended up in Marketing and gained a wealth of extremely valuable professional experience and have been lucky enough to work for iconic brands such as Leica Camera.
But one thing still pulled at me, the fact that my favourite aspect of Marketing was whenever I had the opportunity to create an EDM or landing page.

You know how that saying goes, right? "It's never too late to follow your dreams"
And as totally cheesy as it sounds, that's exactly what I did! I paired self-teaching through amazing resources like Treehouse with formal studies and completed a Web Development Dip. in late 2015.

These days, I consider myself to be one of the lucky few who can honestly say they absolutely love what they do - Make cool stuff on the internet!

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Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia